2016-2017 Notice of operation hours in this festive season
Please note that we will be changed in operating hours temporarily on DEC 31st(Sat)due to New year holiday.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
However, We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

On 31st DEC(Sat) will be closed 21:00
Blez Pharmacy   Asok flag shop,  Soi 49 branch
Mirai Pharmacy  Soi 22 branch, Onnut branch, Siracha branch
Q. I had sent E-mail, But still no reply from pharmacy.

A.Basically we reply within two days when we have got message.  If you are in a hurry, calling is the fastest way to get some answers. Please check domain settings and your mail address as well.

Q. Can I buy Sleeping pills?

A. Selling ”Sleeping pill” is controlled by Thai FDA which have been registered as prescription drug from doctor. We have some herbal supplements also Anti-histamine which causes drowsiness. Please ask our pharmacist directly, We can choose a suitable item for you .

Remarks: Doctor consulting and prescribing partial sleeping pills that will be available at BLEZ clinic.

Q. Can I buy some medicine for lifestyle related disease?

A. Partial medicines are available. If you have prescription or advise from doctor, We can find it for you. We need some information of your medicine, medicine name, mg, indications from your doctor, quantity of drug,

e.g. Amlopine 10mg take one tablet once a daily, For 60 days

Remarks: We recommend not only taking medicine, but also constantly follow-up is necessary for treatment. If you want to change medicine or starting treatment in Thai, Please contact to BLEZ Clinic.

Q. Can you ship abroad?

A. Our dealing is limitation in Thailand.It is an illegal transaction to ship abroad so that we appreciate your understanding. However, Depending on the items, we can introduce importer for you.

Q. Do you have Chinese traditional medicine?
A. Unfortunately, We do not have Chinese traditional medicine.
Partial herbal supplements and medicine  are available at BLEZ Pharmacy.
Our pharmacists can choose a suitable one for you.
Q. Do you have Tamiflu?

A. Selling ”Tamiflu” is controlled by Thai FDA which have been registered as prescription drug from doctor. It is danger to take it own decision that may have caused high damage to a partial patient.

Remarks: At BLEZ clinic, doctor can prescribe Tamiflu that is necessary to consult with doctor. Medical staff recommends an annual flu shot to help protect you each year from new strains of influenza virus.  Also routine health care, Gargle and clean your hands can help for preventing flu.

Q. アンチメラズマセーラム(シミ取りクリーム)を買いたいです。

A. 前予約も可能ですので、お問い合わせフォームからご連絡下さいませ。

Q. タイの薬は日本の薬よりも強いと聞きますが、どうなんでしょうか。

A. 日本のお薬と比べ強いものと弱いもの、両方がございます。ブレズ薬局では、お客様の症状とお身体に合った薬をご案内しています。お薬の強さや日本との違いについて、お気軽にご相談ください。

Q. 日本の葛根湯やルルなどの風邪薬はありますか?

A. 葛根湯、ルルと言った日本の風邪薬はございませんが、風邪のひきはじめに使える薬や総合感冒薬はございます。

Q. 日本の薬はありますか?

A. 一部ございます。ブレズ薬局では、日本の薬の中でもタイ厚生労働省の認可を受けている薬のみ取扱が可能です。

Q. 薬局で買う薬は海外療養費支給制度の申請はできますか?

A. タイの病院から発行した処方箋があり、処方箋通りに薬を購入した場合のみ薬剤費としての申請が可能な自治体がございます。


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